Savvy Pyrography Shading
7 Steps to Fast, Confident, Buttery Smooth Woodburning

Shading is hard. But you don't have to settle for blobby, scratchy shading.

Gain access NOW to the tools, downloads, workshops, and years of professional woodburning experience packed into this 7 module course!

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Time to ditch the choppy shading.

Let's get real here. You want to get rid of that uneven shading you've been "working" with and trade up for the buttery smooth shading that you've been craving for forever.

I totally get it. And I totally agree. Ditch that nonsense! Seriously, this is the course I wish was out there when I first started out. This course would have saved me years. Years. You should have it better than I did.

And you will.

You're about to get all the support you need to make it happen.

You get my 7 step method to beautiful shading in half the time. You get over 40+ lessons with workshops, downloads, techniques, guides and mindset shifts you need to see those smooth results that you've always craved.

At the risk of sounding corny, I genuinely want the next generation of pyrographers to skip the years, the headache, the frustration and overwhelm that I spent years overcoming. You deserve better.

This course will help.

I want YOU to be successful. I want YOU to be confident. I want YOU to have buttery smooth shading and get it as quickly as your woodburning tool will allow.

Let's get you up to buttery smooth status!

Hey there!

I'm Jannie. Your Pyro Professor.

I cannot wait to teach you all the shading tips, techniques, and mindset shifts I've discovered in my years as a professional woodburning artist.


  • Burning professionally since 2016
  • Teaching woodburning since 2019
  • Founded Burn Savvy in 2020
  • Art has sold around the world

A Few Fun Facts...

  • Loves people
  • Loves family - got 5 kids!
  • Sings and composes music
  • Plays in the dirt
  • Burns everything (yes, even dinner)

Ever been afraid...

To try something new? Of ruining a good piece of wood? That smooth shading would take ages to learn?

Yeah. Me too.

I remember wishing I had some way to practice techniques without spending an arm and a leg on wood. 

Plus, I was sick of fighting wood grain. 

Tired of my hand cramping up long before I could get anywhere close to the smooth shading that I wanted so badly. 

Annnnnnd I admit it. I was bored with it taking so loooooong to see the results I wanted.

I was right where you are...

There wasn't much information out there. And the best information was always just out of reach.

As a visual learner, I needed to see it.

I scoured YouTube for shading tips, but the videos left me wanting.

The best books, blogs, and websites were either so exhaustive that I felt overwhelmed and discouraged or they didn't explain their methods in a way that I could follow along.

I needed to see the techniques in action.

And I really, really, reeeeaaally wanted to learn these techniques FAST so I could get the results I'd desperately wished for.

And sadly, what I was looking for just wasn't there.

After years of trial and error, wishing I had the techniques that the pros had...

I finally learned how to get that buttery smooth shading. How to create masterful texture and contrast in half the time. How to burn art I was truly proud to show off and customers were excited to buy.

I made a promise.

I promised to make it faster and easier for my fellow pyrographers to learn these coveted techniques. I promised to make it simple, straight-forward, and easy to follow.

And finally, I'm delivering on that promise.

More than just techniques.
You get a complete foundation for gorgeous results.

No more dry, uninspiring, overstuffed content to overload your brain. I’ve cut the fluff to give you the best of the best pyrography skill & technique.

  • Get the only proprietary method out there for fast and beautiful shading every time

  • Exclusive techniques that you won’t find anywhere else

  • Get video workshops, downloadable tools, and printable guides like you’ve never seen

  • Transformational skills that empower you to master your art and create your own favorite variations and techniques

  • Access to a private community of artists just like you

  • Basically, you get the solid tools & skills you need to become a woodburning ninja

  • BONUS: You get extra patterns to practice and hone your new shading skills when you pay in full.

Here's what you get

  • Pro Secrets Revealed

    In-depth woodburning workshops to show how you can get the coveted shading results achieved by upscale pyrography artists

  • The Shading Tree Allegory

    Exclusive access to my proprietary method to achieve fast and beautiful shading results for every project, every time

  • A Private Community All Your Own

    A safe & friendly place where you can ask questions, share your work, and connect with pyrography students just like you.

  • A Savvy Mindset

    The foundational things you need to understand in order to reach pro-level shading status

  • Pyrography Patterns

    10 Patterns to teach you the fastest way to get savvy with pyrography shading

  • Tools & Guides

    Invaluable downloads to guide you in the pyrography course and throughout your entire woodburning career

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Little Housekeeping

    • Welcome!

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    STEP 1: Foundation - Get a Savvy Mindset

    • What’s the Big Idea?

    • [GUIDE] The Secrets to Shading Fast

    • [WATCH & DOWNLOAD] The Shading Tree Allegory

    • [GUIDE] Tools & Materials: When to Save & When to Splurge

    • [BONUS GUIDE] Best Pattern Transfer Tools & Supplies

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 3

    STEP 2: Get Tool Savvy

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • [GUIDE] Becoming a Nib Ninja

    • [GUIDE] Master the Heat

    • [PATTERN] Strokes & Angles + Heat & Values

    • [WORKSHOP] Nib Ninja: Strokes & Angles

    • [WORKSHOP] Master the Heat

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 4

    STEP 3: Rough + Textured Shading - Pretend You're Bob Ross

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • [MINI WORKSHOP] Rough + Textured Shading

    • [PATTERN] Landscape

    • [WORKSHOP] Landscape to Make Bob Ross Proud

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 5

    STEP 4: Smooth Shading - Make It 3D

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • [MINI WORKSHOP] Smooth Shading

    • [PATTERN] Floral Design

    • [WORKSHOP] Floral Design for Buttery Smooth Shading

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 6

    STEP 5: Get Edgy with Contrast

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • [MINI WORKSHOP] Edges that Make Your Art Pop

    • [PATTERN] Tulip

    • [WORKSHOP] Tulip - Creating High Contrasting Edges

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 7

    STEP 6: Light - Where to Add Shadows

    • What's the Big Idea?

    • [MINI WORKSHOP + DOWNLOAD] Light: Knowing Where to Shade

    • [PATTERN] Apple

    • [WORKSHOP] Shading an Apple

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 8

    STEP 7: Adding Details [The WOW Factor] + Your Final Project

    • What's the BIG Idea?

    • [MINI WORKSHOP] Details for the Win

    • [PATTERN] Sunflower

    • [WORKSHOP] Adding Details to a Sunflower

    • This Week: To get savvy...

  • 9

    Receive Your Official Certificate of Completion

    • Almost there...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Course Reviews

What Students from Savvy Pyrography Shading Have to Say

5 star rating

Great course!!

Cheri Moore

I learned so much! After a year of burning, I am so happy that this course became available! Best investment for my business!!

I learned so much! After a year of burning, I am so happy that this course became available! Best investment for my business!!

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More Praise from Jannie's Students

Reviews from Her LIVE Woodburning Workshops

Given Me Confidence

Debbie R.

Jannie has now given me the confidence to tackle the woodburning set I received for Christmas.

Outstanding Support

Cyd P.

Jannie is outstanding! Her care, support and communication are phenomenal.

Great Teacher, Great Class

Olivia P.

Great project, great teacher, great class!!! Would love to do it again!

Wonderful Instruction

Megin P.

Great class! Wonderful instruction, great group, so much fun. I'll definitely come again. Highly recommend!

Highly Recommend

Ginny V.

Had fun! Loved your wood burning class. Thank you Jannie! Would highly recommend.

Definitely Recommend

Dawn A.

Loved it. Had so much fun. Would definitely recommend.

Great Instruction

Todd S.

Very fun. Well explained. Great instruction!!

Great Teacher

Kristi B.

Very personable, great teacher!!! Fantastic and fun!

Loved This Class

Amber P.

You were awesome Jannie. I loved this class! So fun.

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Meet Your Professor

Your pyro professor that is.

The Pyro Professor

Jannie Lisonbee

As a professional woodburning artist, Jannie has a long-standing history of creating high quality pyrography art.

Her art has been sold around the globe and featured in magazines like Woodcarving Illustrated.

Her students enjoy her spunky teaching style at the woodburning workshops that she teaches at the local art studio in her small Arizona town. In 2020, she founded Burn Savvy where she empowers budding pyrography artists to try new things and bravely explore their art.

She is avid to help woodburning artists on all levels flourish in their pyrography art and career.

Get exclusive access to the best pyrography techniques now.

After you buy, you will receive a confirmation email. When the course is live, just sign in and enjoy your pyrography course!

I can't wait to see your art as you become a woodburning ninja. ;)

See you on the other side!

Got questions? Read these FAQs about the Savvy Pyrography Shading course



    >>Want overnight success?

    Ha! Me too, buuuuut good art takes so much more. ;) This is NOT for you if you think watching a video is going to transform your shading overnight. I help you skip the unnecessary nonsense, but you will still need to practice.

    >>Are you an intermediate beginner?

    Think of woodburning like math.

    If you are just learning addition, you’re an early beginner. If you already know addition and you are learning multiplication, you are an intermediate beginner.

    If you are just barely starting with woodburning, you are also an early beginner. You need to get to know your tool a bit more (I’ve got a course is in the works for you). For now, start at or my Burn Savvy YouTube channel and enjoy the free content there first.

    If you have a decent idea of how to wield a woodburner and a little experience under your belt, then you are an intermediate beginner. YES! This course is definitely for YOU.

    >>Looking to up your game? Tired of searching for the shortcut?

    Yes! This course is definitely for YOU if you don't have any shading skills or are frustrated with your current level. This IS for you if you want faster, beautiful results every time you shade. This IS for you if you are ready to put in the work to take your pyrography shading to the next level.


    Be ready to learn, practice, and apply the techniques. As for tools, you are going to need...

    - 1 wire nib burner
    - 1 shading nib
    - Practice wood pieces
    - High-quality wood piece for your final project.

    If you don't have those yet, that's okay. I all share my favorites with you when you enroll so you will know what to buy.


    Not to sign up. But you will definitely need a wire-nib burner to go through the course (they are much faster to learn on than a solid point burner). And if you don't have one yet, I walk you through what you should look for in a tool to help you know which one you should invest in.

    If you DO already have one, use that one! Just make sure you have 1 shading nib to work with.


    LIFETIME ACCESS! You have this course for as long as the course is being offered. The lessons are dripped out over time so you don't hit overwhelm, but you can certainly work on the lesson whenever you are ready.


    It isn't that I am a cooler teacher of course. ;)

    Other art courses rely too heavily on techniques... but then you have to rely on the course creator to tell you how to implement them to get results.

    This course gives YOU the power.

    YOU become the master pyrographer. It combines techniques & skills with tool mastery PLUS my proprietary method - the Shading Tree Allegory - to help you get beautiful shading. Faster. Every time.


    Only the cost of your tools and supplies!

    If you don't have those yet, don't worry. I walk you through my suggestions inside the course so you can buy with confidence.


    You have 2 options - pay in full price or the 2-payments plan price. If you need lower payment options, the payment plan is available to you. If you want access to the bonus patterns for extra shading practice (woot, Woot!) choose the option to pay in full.

Pyrography doesn't have to be choppy and tedious.

You can achieve buttery smooth shading and rich texture at a pace that you are comfortable burning at.

And you're about to get "comfortable" with a much faster pace.

You deserve to be the pyrography artist
you always wanted to be.

You deserve to be successful. You deserve access to the lessons I never got but wish I had.

This is your moment.

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    $497.00Savvy Pyrography Shading + Bonuses

    Includes instant access to all the course modules + paid-in-full bonuses!
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    2 Payments x $297Savvy Pyrography Shading: 7 Steps to Fast, Confident, Buttery Smooth Woodburning

    Payment plan - gain instant access to the course and get a break on finances!
    Start Shading Now ⇢

P.S. Time to ditch the choppy shading

Seriously. Stop messing around. If you want smooth shading, and faster results than traditional pyrographers, sign up now.

I'm giving you all the outpourings of my heart and soul here. I want YOU to be successful. I want YOU to be confident. I want YOU to have buttery smooth shading and get it as quickly as your woodburning tool will allow.

You're about to get all the support you need to make it happen. You get my 7 step method to beautiful shading in half the time. You get over 40+ lessons with workshops, downloads, and mindset shifts that you need to see those smooth results that you've always craved.

You deserve it. And this course is going to help.

It's time to invest in your art.

Your business.


Here's to YOUR success. I simply cannot wait to see how you grow and progress. See you on the inside!

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